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My history of leadership
July 2, 2010, 6:46 am
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I decided to write down a few thoughts about structure for this community.  After all, I have been thinking about and researching governing structures for 36 years. But first I want to write a bit about my back ground Actually, maybe my on the job training started when I was in the eighth grade and was a member of the refreshment committee in junior high. I was kicked off the committee when I challenged the associated student body president about where he thought the coke cups should be placed. His answer was, “I’m president and I make the final decisions.” My answer was to get angry and say something like, “But I am a member of the refreshment committee and I should have a say in the decision making process.” I can’t remember exactly what I did, but it was extreme enough to get kicked off. So I decided that I needed to run for class office in order to have more power. Ever since then, I wanted to have power with–not power over. So if my path about structure of leadership started then–I can say I have been researching and experiencing this for forty three years. Wow! That’s a long time!

The really funny thing was when I ran for office–I came in third out of four candidates. But the two people in front of me defaulted, and I got to be class secretary. The next year, I came in second running for class secretary–but the winning candidate defaulted again. I really wasn’t the most popular kid naturally. But when I ran for class office the next two years, I cam in first, having proven myself to be a good leader.

Ever since then, I have been experimenting with being a leader. Sadly, I have failed miserably at times. I am still learning. But I have had enough experience, including in my own family, in building consensus and servant leadership that I feel hopeful that I have something useful to contribute.


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