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Compulsory education is not my idea of love
July 12, 2010, 4:17 pm
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Here is a book that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that compulsory schooling is not good for any living creature. WEAPONS OF MASS INSTRUCTION by John Taylor Gatto


July 3, 2010, 9:59 pm
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Some thoughts on an ideal structure
July 2, 2010, 7:14 am
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Here is my ideal structure right off the top of my head: Iam exhausted but I am going to just go with this draft. Just know there is so much more–but this will give you and idea. your input is welcome.

1. Find one or two people who share the vision that is articulated in the beginning of this blog.

2. Get to know them through conversation about the vision, proposed structure and reading their writings. Ask them to listen to God Journey Podcasts  and and see if we are in alignment with views shared.

3. Pray together and see if we feel lead to work together

4. If there is a yes, start talking about the structure in detail and come to agreement. If there are any minor adjustments, make at this point.

5. Actual structure is as follows:

The core group makes final decisions. whenever a decision is in the making, anyone involved will be informed and feedback/counsel will be received.

I will work on guidelines for land use and management to be approved by core group.

As interested people join, core group will consider admitting them to the core group as people demonstrate trustworthiness and alignment with values.

If people are obviously trying to control or change the basic structure–they will be kindly asked to withdraw. Yes, we do just want people who are naturally in alignment with the values of living loved. Unfortunately there are many Christians who think it is their God Given duty to change folks like us who are trying to live loved–and we do not want to waste our time in dealing with these people who are not really interested in living in harmony, but wanting to change us.

Land use:

At first, the people who live here will be either living in the house which is adequate for offering both private and public space , or camping near by. They will be the pioneers. Patricia will not be living in the community, but will serve as advisor once the core group is established.

As zoning land use laws are researched, the core group will determine how to deal with the various ways that people will have stewardship over land. A land trust might be established in time.

The main rule is this: that people treat each other with respect and if conflict arises, it is taken care of as soon as possible. people need to agree to the conflict resolution guidelines which I will write about later.

Core group will agree on a screening process which will help make sure that people who share values are part of community. It is essential that shared values is the common thread–living loved–because other wise conflict will be build into the community from the beginning.¬† There will be plenty of opportunity for people to work with diverse groups–like neighbors and guests of the community.

Each person will need to take care of their own finances. Expenses will be divided among members. Eventually as people steward their own plots, and build–costs will depend on how big plot is, location, etc.

Guidelines to help people to live more harmoniously will be developed (I will write about this soon) They will be suggestions, not rules–except for the respect people–even that isn’t really a rule.

Regular activities like shared meals, morning prayer, regular celebrations, play times, exercise times, dancing, celebrate recovery–will be established so that people can build trust and connections and relationships.

Weekly mandatory meetings will be held so that members can talk about decision, clear up conflicts, and share how things are going–work out a weekly schedule and goals etc.

Core group meets weekly to discuss how things are going and gives a report to whole group.

My history of leadership
July 2, 2010, 6:46 am
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I decided to write down a few thoughts about structure for this community.¬† After all, I have been thinking about and researching governing structures for 36 years. But first I want to write a bit about my back ground Actually, maybe my on the job training started when I was in the eighth grade and was a member of the refreshment committee in junior high. I was kicked off the committee when I challenged the associated student body president about where he thought the coke cups should be placed. His answer was, “I’m president and I make the final decisions.” My answer was to get angry and say something like, “But I am a member of the refreshment committee and I should have a say in the decision making process.” I can’t remember exactly what I did, but it was extreme enough to get kicked off. So I decided that I needed to run for class office in order to have more power. Ever since then, I wanted to have power with–not power over. So if my path about structure of leadership started then–I can say I have been researching and experiencing this for forty three years. Wow! That’s a long time!

The really funny thing was when I ran for office–I came in third out of four candidates. But the two people in front of me defaulted, and I got to be class secretary. The next year, I came in second running for class secretary–but the winning candidate defaulted again. I really wasn’t the most popular kid naturally. But when I ran for class office the next two years, I cam in first, having proven myself to be a good leader.

Ever since then, I have been experimenting with being a leader. Sadly, I have failed miserably at times. I am still learning. But I have had enough experience, including in my own family, in building consensus and servant leadership that I feel hopeful that I have something useful to contribute.